A new 'social shopping' experience.

Groups have incredible buying power and that combined with some web savvy means we have a new way to shop. Social shopping GroupDeal style is about connecting with our Facebook friends to trigger the deal we want as a group. Benefiting our entire group of buyers and the retailer in one hit.


It's awesome for everyone!

Like and share the best deals New Zealand has ever seen, instantly to your group of friends and BOOM. The deal is on like Donkey Kong!

Sounds great right!




The GroupDeals have wicked cool prices and a couple of conditions that need to be met to trigger the deal.
Like a minimum number might need to sell before the deal triggers.
If there are not enough in the Group buying then the deal doesn't trigger & all vouchers are refunded.
Your GroupDeal vouchers require just a small fee to secure your place in the buying group, usually around $5.
Nice and cheap as chips. 

Just take your GroupDeal voucher into the store, pay the balance and collect your deal.

Yes you visit the retailer make a new fried and get treated like royalty because you are a walk in paying customer.
No waiting, voucher validating or risk for anyone involved. Slick, simple and fun.
It's all about loving the deal, grabbing it and being rewarded super fast and super sweet.