Advertising That Actually Works

Radio, Magazine, TV, Newspaper, nothing delivers customers with the speed, reach, and efficiency of a successful GroupDeal campaign.
Plus there's no upfront cost. Compare that to any other marketing channel where you have to commit at least $500 to $1000 for a one shot wonder.
There is just no comparison, GroupDeal is a risk free marketing machine that delivers.


If you have seen Kickstarter or voucher / daily deal sites before, you understand the customer side of the concept.
Group buying is the fastest growing e-commerce model out there, and we have made it truly viable for real Kiwi stores.
Now you can customize your own deals, make your margin and keep your new customers happy.
No online credit card risk or charge backs possible.
We deliver you walk in the door customers with your GroupDeal voucher and their cash.


The deal flow

GroupDeals are listed with wicked cool prices and a couple of conditions that need to be met to trigger the deal.
Eg: a minimum number of sales might need to be made before a deal goes live. If it doesn't trigger all voucher fees are refunded.
Customers when paying for their deal just visit and pay directly with you the retailer.
GroupDeal doesn't get between you and your customers transaction.
We just send them into your business ready to pay as new cash in hand, paying customers.

We removed all the waiting, voucher validating and risk the retailer has heard of or experienced.
Then we removed 75% of the voucher fees, reducing them to just $5 or 5%
This is pre-paid to us by the customer when they grab a voucher.
So your businesses customer acquisition cost is actually paid by your customers.

But wait there is more...

Lee McClelland, the founder has been worked in retail for over 12 years and as a business owner has sourced products from brands all over the world.
He knows what it's like being on both sides of the shop counter. How to structure deals, negotiate sales and supplier contracts and he also dreamed up the idea that marketing should only cost if it actually works. Amazing concept right?

Our clever business model engineering is worth taking a peek under the hood at too...

For the customer... It's all about loving the deal, grabbing it and being rewarded super fast and super sweet at the retailer.
For the retailer... It's about putting more money in the till profitably with a near zero customer acquisition cost.

That's right you can actually have marketing exposure and advertising that is paid by the customer as items sell and increase your revenue at the same time.
This old saying no longer holds true... "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half." - John Wannamaker

GroupDeal delivers results in many ways

Group buying power is great for retailers as you can sell a truck load of stock in one hit.
You gain the most efficient return on your advertising ever seen.
You can pre-sell entire container deal loads of stock before it lands at the port.
Clear excess inventory in a flash sale.
Control your deal start and finish by unit or date triggers.
Design your own deal that works well and is viable for your business.

Functionality that scales

Members are encouraged to connect and share deals with their Facebook friends so the potential reach is enormous.
This can trigger deals very quickly, benefiting the entire group of buyers and you the retailer, in one hit.
If a deal doesn't trigger, you can also just re work it and try again. The extra exposure you gained becomes an added bonus.
Triggered deals deliver a great bunch of new cash bearing customers in store ready to pay.
We know you like the sound of that.
It's awesome for everyone.
The cash goes direct to the till and the customer receives top service in store.


Invitation: GroupDeal is in 'beta' startup mode, so membership is FREE for life to our foundation member partners.

In return for you joining during 'Beta stage' you gain a free lifetime membership for your business worth $480+GST per year.
Please call Lee McClelland to discuss this invitation. Mobile: 021-520438 or 09-8891889